• We Love Fur Babies

    ...& that love is shared with people who would like companionship



    Dog Walking


    We pick up your fur baby from home,

    take them for an amazing two hour back country hike & walk.



    Dog Hotel


    Need a dog-sitter? Going on holiday? Relax. We have that covered.

    We're hidden in the country side of New Zealand with beautiful gardens, for your fur-babies to play & socialize.



    Therapy Dogs


    We team up with service providers and tailor a plan, unique for you. Therapy dogs teach mutual respect, boundaries, unconditional love and much more. The options are endless. Qualified in health and disability wellbeing, we will find a way to support your needs

  • Dog Walking



    How It Works



    We will meet you and your pooch first for a meet and greet. Decide what is best for him/her. Single walks. Pack Walks. Long walks or short walks. Book in a day, then off we go on an adventure. Simple. We return your pooch happy and relaxed, all ready to see you when you get home.




    Waikato Rail Road Tracks


    A historic de-commissioned coal rail way turned into the perfect dog walking paradise is hidden, remote & our little private walk heaven.




    Lakes, Trails, Beaches, Parks


    With the whole of Waikato to explore there is always somewhere new to sniff. The adventures are endless.

  • Dog Hotel

    Where your baby will stay & play


    Our Dog House


    Do you need a dog-sitter? We do that too!

    With no more than five dogs on site at any one time, you can rest assured your pooch will have plenty of attention, cuddles and love. Play in an amazing backyard filled with nooks and crannies with protective fences. It really is a home away from home.

  • Therapy Dogs


    How It Works


    We meet up with different health care providers who have people they care for. Many of these beautiful people would love a dog to walk, pat or play with, but many situations don't allow it.


    We are here to make that happen. Think of it as "Hire a Pet"

    All therapy plans are made unique to your requirements.


    Curious? Get in touch and we'll talk specifics.




    The Elderly


    Loneliness, depression & other factors set in at later stages in life. We are pro happiness specialists & have a strong drive for everyone to laugh & play!



    Disability Services


    Having responsibility & unconditional love is beyond empowering. We're so happy to team up a therapy dog companion with a community member to have an amazing time together.

    Mental Health


    The healing powers of little fur babies are quantifiable. It is amazing to witness how quickly someones happiness and health come back with a couple kisses, walk & a play!

  • Our Team

    Experts of Hospitality & Community Service





    Hospitality background with years of treating guests like royalty, this little heart of gold has been sharing her love of dogs & kindness to better our world & community.





    A natural giver who is qualified in Health, Wellbeing and Disability care, loves bringing dogs to meet cared for people in the community. Working years in mental health & disability care, hospitality and more, she gifts the world through her love and kindness!

  • Pricing & Rates


    Dog Walking



    House pick up

    Two Hour Walk & Play

    House Drop Off



    Therapy Dogs



    One hour private session

    tailored specific to your needs.




    Overnight Retreats

    $40 per night


    No more than five dogs stay at any one time.

    Your pooch is our priority!


    Full luxury, home stays

    Meal Plan

    Two Hour Walk & Play

    House & Bed

    Huge Backyard Exercise Area


    Long Term

    2-4 Weeks


    For those long trips, let's have a chat and figure out the easiest way to make the dream work!

  • Purchase A Session

    1 Day
    House Pickups
    2 Hour Walk & Play
    House Drop Off
    Coming soon